• What type of fireplace installation works best for you?

    Do you want something easy and portable, or are you looking for a more permanent solution? You also need to consider the dynamics of your wall. Built-in electric fireplaces If you have wide walls with a lot of space, then a built-in, permanent fireplace unit is the way to go. Consider a rectangle...
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  • Should your electric fireplace give off heat?

    A basic question, but the first one on the list. Most electric fireplaces give off heat, and the level of this heat can be adjusted by you. They tend to come with remote controls or phone APP, which is perfect for the summer season, as you can turn the heat down according to the temperature aroun...
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  • The benefits of electric fireplaces

    Firstly they are totally efficient - no heat escapes your home and no gases are released. This saves on installation costs as well as energy. They’re also eco-friendly, which is important these days, and a very safe option for people with children and pets. This is because they stay cool even whe...
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  • Electric fireplaces are becoming more and more popular

    People have been gathering around fire pits and places for as long as anyone can remember. Even as we moved from a species who roam outdoors, to living indoors, this tradition remained. But while the general concept of it – staying warm – has remained the same, there have been huge developments o...
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  • Electric fireplace is eco-friendly

    Global warming is a serious concern. The effects of climate change are obvious almost anywhere you look. The EPA defines fossil fuels as any fuel that the Earth forms from plant or animal remains, including oil, oil shale, tar sand, natural gas, peat, and coal. When bur...
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  • Electric fireplace: warm the home like a flame

    Imagine that the whole family is sitting together in the cold winter. Is it necessary to have such a device that can not only bring real warmth, but also simulate the effect of flames to make everyone feel comfortable and warm? It is an electric fireplace. Nowadays, the fireplace, an ancient impo...
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  • serious! Let’s discuss the feasibility of using the fireplace alone for heating.

    Regarding this issue, in fact, there have been endless debates. Many people have always believed that wood-burning real fire fireplaces are just an auxiliary means of heating, but more elegant and pleasing to the eye. In fact, it is completely feasible to use only wood-burning real fire fireplace...
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  • Structural performance of the fireplace

    In today’s fast-paced work and life, people are more eager to enjoy the natural, warm and romantic leisure feeling brought by the fireplace. However, the installation and use of traditional fireplaces have many unsatisfactory aspects. For example, they can only use wood as fuel, which is di...
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  • How does an electronic fireplace wor

    How does an electronic fireplace wor

    Electric fireplaces mimic flames by projecting LED lights onto a screen in random mode. Some models have only one row of LED lights at the bottom, while others have two or more LED bars to increase flame color selection, depth, and fidelity. Most electric fireplaces have a built-in heater that wo...
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  • What is an electric fireplace?

    What is an electric fireplace?

    An electric fireplace is an electric heater that mimics a fireplace that burns coal, wood, or natural gas. Electric fireplaces are usually placed in conventional fireplaces, so they can no longer be used in conventional fires. They are inserted into walls and can be used in “burn only”...
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  • Type of electric fireplace

    Type of electric fireplace

    1. Wall-mounted electric fireplace Wall-mounted electric fireplaces are ideal for apartments because they don’t require any permanent installation and can be carried around when moving. Wall-mounted electric fireplaces can be hung directly from the wall.      2. Built-in electric fire...
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  • Modern Style Home Decor  Led  Light Electric Fireplace

    Modern Style Home Decor Led Light Electric Fireplace

    ●  Voltage: 110-120V 60Hz  / 220-240V 50Hz ●  Heater (Watts): 1400-1600W ●  40” insert use electric fireplace ●  1/2/3 side use available ●  Two levels heating functions   ●  Four levels flame brightness adjustment ●  Electric Timer from 0.5-8 hours ●  Operated with remote control and touch pan...
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