• Working principle of electric fireplace

       The principle of electric fireplace is to quote the European classical fireplace production technology and modern acoustic optics, so that the design of the traditional fireplace has been greatly improved, and the green environmental protection and more intense true wood combustion effect have...
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  • The fireplace symbolizes an identity, status and style

    The appearance and use of fireplaces are inseparable from the history of human use of fire, and the use of fire is of great significance to the origin of human beings.   The development of fireplace originates from the history of people using fire, and makes use of new energy sources: coal,...
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  • 5 Advantages of Electric Fireplace Inserts

    Electric fireplace inserts come in a variety of sizes and are produced by a number of different manufacturers. However, despite styling varieties, all electric fireplace insert have common characteristics that give them a significant advantage over traditional wood and gas fireplaces. 1. The firs...
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  • Ma doonaysaa in lagu shido oo aan ka kaaftoomi doono?

    Want a fireplace without the hassle? Look no further than this free-standing piece made from marble metal, wood and glass. It showcases a mantel with a floral design that can host vases, picture frames, and decorative objects, as well as stockings during the holiday season. It also features tw...
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  • Maamul lagu shido la phone New-Technoloy From Baseboard Empire

    "Marka ka baxsan cimiladu waa haadaamaha, guriga waa sidaas raaxo dab sidaas farxad." Tani waa markii ugu of sano marka aan waqti badan ku qaataan gudaha, waqti dheeraad ah gudaha guryaheena, waxaana rabnaa in aan helo habab si ay u diiran oo raaxo . Markii aan maqli karo dabaysha qabow iyo arko barafka ka baxsan is qarxiyaan, waxaan ...
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  • Remote xakamayso shido by phone smart

      Hey! Waa Imaanshaha New! Si aad u fog xakamayso lagu shido si fudud by phone smart! Shido Empire shido smart waa qalab dhow gacanta ku saleysan Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Technology. Waxaad kala soo bixi kartaa Baseboard APP si loo xakameeyo qalabka marayo phone smart. Waxaa ku jira qaybood: awoodda Baseboard b ...
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